How to Fix Your Cell Phone if You Accidentally Washed it in Your Washing Machine

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Accidentally leaving a cell phone in a pocket when washing is every cell phone user's nightmare. Aside from the prolonged water damage, you also have to worry about the soap damaging the delicate components of your cell phone. The cell phone may or may not be recoverable, depending on how hot the water was, when you discover it and the phone itself. There are steps you can take to minimize the chances that you'll need to buy a new cell phone.


Step 1

Turn your phone off immediately. If it's already off, don't try to turn it on to test for damage. Turning the phone on while it's still wet will cause further damage.

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Step 2

Remove the battery and accessories before drying the phone off with paper towels. Don't put it in the oven, use a blowdryer or put it in the sun. Any of those methods may damage the phone further.


Step 3

Use a can of compressed air or a wet-dry vacuum if you have either one to further dry the phone. Place the phone and battery in an uncovered bowl of dry uncooked rice to remove the moisture. Make sure the phone and battery are covered by the rice. Don't try using it for at least 12 to 24 hours.





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