Problems With a JBL Subwoofer

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Subwoofers enhance the bass sounds of the audio played through them.

JBL is a popular name in audio systems, and they are known for their wide array of subwoofers and speakers. These are used in various audio, video and home theater systems and they provide quality sound with corresponding effects that enhance their owners' listening pleasure. However, subwoofers by JBL do have flaws and problems that have to be understood and resolved once they occur.



According to various customer complaints on, JBL subwoofers (regardless of model) have the tendency to lose their sound quality and develop ticking sounds over time when the subwoofers are used on audio equipment. They also begin to provide loose sound effects, such as missing bass, through regular use. Their "auto on" feature also loses its function through regular use.


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JBL subwoofers carry certain design flaws that begin to become noticeable after two years of regular use, customers say. Two of these flaws--the failure of the "auto on" feature to work normally and the use of low-end materials for the subwoofer cabinet--are said to cause the quality of sound produced by the subwoofers to deteriorate over time. When used to produce extremely loud audio, the contacts also have the tendency to burn due to the lack of proper insulation, cooling and dampening materials used on the subwoofers.



A lot of customers as well as audio technicians have noticed that JBL subwoofers have an average lifespan of two years, the same timeframe given by their warranty. It is quite common to experience problems with the subwoofers a few months after the warranty has expired, prompting owners to pay for repair and replacement services.


Repair and Replacement

Repair and replacement services are provided by the JBL manufacturing company, although most technicians resolve subwoofer problems by replacing parts from identical models. While repair costs from off-company technicians are cheaper, the quality of the service however doesn't usually last long and there is a tendency for the same problems to occur again.



If there is one major piece of advice JBL gives to owners of JBL subwoofers, it's that the features of these audio gadgets should not be worked to the limit. Unlike many other subwoofers and speakers, those under the JBL brand do not offer a long lifespan. JBL care and maintenance options include turning off the subwoofer properly rather than leaving it on standby mode, as well as replacing the poly stuffing inside the cabinet with a better-quality insulating material once annoying ticking sounds and the lack of bass effects begin to be noticeable.