Problems With Sending Text Messages on MetroPCS

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When your MetroPCS mobile phone will not send a text message, it could be the result of a lack of a network connection or the need to reset your phone. You may also need to check the phone's message center number or ensure you are correctly entering the recipient's phone number.


Network Connection

If your MetroPCS mobile phone is not sending text messages, check your phone's network connection. You cannot send or receive text messages while roaming or if the network connection is not active. If you are within the MetroPCS coverage area, an indicator at the top of the screen will reflect it. Move to a different location if the coverage indicator reflects one or no bars. In some instances, moving closer to a window can improve your phone's signal and allow you to send a text.


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Soft Reset

A soft reset of your MetroPCS phone can potentially resolve a problem with sending a text. A reset forces your phone to load the applications necessary for your phone to perform functions such as calling and texting. Lift or slide off your MetroPCS phone's battery cover and remove the battery while the phone is on. Wait one minute and replace the battery and its cover. You will now need to turn your phone back on as battery removal shuts it down. Turn on your phone and attempt to send another text message.


Recipient's Number

The recipient's mobile phone number must be entered correctly for you to send that person a text message. If your MetroPCS text messages fail to send, check the recipient's number. Always enter the recipient's 10-digit phone number. Do not leave off the area code. You can also send a test text message to yourself and to another recipient to determine if the issue is only limited to one recipient. Address the message to your mobile phone's 10-digit number. You should receive the test message within a few seconds of sending it.


Message Center Number

Check your MetroPCS phone's message center number if you are still unable to send text messages. The message center number functions as a gateway for sending and receiving messages. By default, the number is preset in your phone. Occasionally, you may need to change the number or reset it. Open your text messaging settings and search for the message center number. If the field is blank, contact MetroPCS and ask for an over-the-air update to your phone. The representative may ask you to turn off the phone while the update is sent. Test your text messaging after the update completes.