RCA Phone Voicemail Instructions

RCA phones come standard with voicemail answering machines.

RCA phones offer a variety of features for making answering and receiving calls easier. Typical phone features include call identification, programmable contacts and voicemail mailboxes. Voicemail allows callers to record a message onto a phone's built-in answering machine. Since RCA phones come standard with voicemail inboxes, users can program a voicemail inbox to receive message, however, users will need to subscribe to a service provider's voicemail plan in order to receive messages.

Step 1

Press the "Menu" button, located on the left side of your phone.

Step 2

Press "Vol" and scroll to the "Voicemail" menu. Select "OK." To call and access your voicemail, select the "Call VM" option.

Step 3

Configure settings. Press "Vol" and select "Settings" and press "OK." Using the "Vol" up or down keys, select a line to configure the voicemail to.

Step 4

Press "OK" and then enter your call-in access number that you received from your service provider. After entering the access number, press "OK."