How to Reactivate a Boost Mobile

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Boost mobile is a popular prepaid cell phone service that offers trendy phones and low monthly service charges. It's popular among young people because it's not a contract plan. Since you pay month to month, you don't need to have established good credit to get a cell phone. Boost mobile keeps your account active for 60 days after your service ends. You can reactivate at any time, but the procedure before and after 60 days differs slightly.

Before 60 Days

Step 1

Call Boost Mobil Customer Care at 866-402-7366, pay online at or visit a Boost Mobile in-store location. Make sure your phone contains its original SIM card.

Step 2

Log into your account or tell the customer service representative your phone number. Choose a monthly rate plan and purchase it using a prepaid Re-Boost card, a credit card or a debit card. Visit an in-store location to pay cash.

Step 3

Sign up for automatic monthly billing to help prevent future service interruption and to skip having to purchase more service each month.

Step 4

Expect your phone to reactivate within the hour. Sometimes Boost Mobile phones reactivate within minutes.

After 60 Days

Step 1

Call Boost Mobile's Customer Care line at 866-402-7366.

Step 2

Explain to the customer service representative that your account has been canceled for more than 60 days due to inactivity. The representative will determine if your phone number is still available. If it isn't, you'll need to register for a new account and get a new phone number.

Step 3

Pay the $10 reactivation fee plus the amount of our first month of service. If you have a Re-Boost card, you can use it to pay for your first month of service. Your phone will be reactivated within the hour.