Reasons Why My Computer Freezes Up

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Rebooting the computer doesn't solve freezing problems.

Experiencing your computer freezing is common with many owners to the point that most people just shrug it off. Rebooting the computer is only a temporary fix to the problem. The best way to keep the computer from freezing is to get to the root of the problem.


Heat Issues

Every so often you have to open the central processing unit, or commonly referred to as the CPU, and remove the dust from the fans and the motherboard. When dust accumulates the fans tend to make the temperature hot. Usually your computer will let you know when it's overheating by beeping. You may hear the fans increasing in power as well. The beeping is actually a way for the computer to communicate with you to let you know what's going on.


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Driver Errors

There may be a driver error in which you were not aware. This usually happens when people install components to a computer such as printers that require some type of driver to be installed. If you just installed a driver and your computer freezes, make sure to go to the company's website and check for updates. The updates will fix the problem.


Software Issues

If you had just installed or downloaded a program, the best thing to get a freezing computer fixed is to find some type of update from the developer. If none is available, you'll need to get in contact with the software developer. They could be working on an update for the problem.


Not Enough RAM

Another issue with most computers freezing up is not having enough Random Access Memory, or RAM. The only way you can go about in solving this issue is to actually go out and buy more RAM. Most of the time if you don't have enough RAM, your computer will just increasingly slow down. RAM doesn't cost that much and one of the best places to get it from is at NewEgg or from Crucial Technology.


Registry Issues

There may be some type of bad registry on your computer that needs to be deleted. You have to be careful with deleting any registry for you can actually make the problem worse. The safest way in removing the bad registry is by downloading a registry-cleaning software such as CCleaner, which also checks for registry issues so you'll be able to get them fixed.


Hardware Issues

Adding any type of hardware such as a new video card or even a sound card could also cause your computer to freeze. The best thing to do is to remove the piece of hardware. If this is the reason, make sure of compatibility with your computer, especially if it's an older model.