How to Find Your Router's IP Address

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In networking, the device used as an access point to a local or remote network is the gateway. The first gateway device on a home network is usually a router. When Windows is connected to a network through a router, it typically obtains all network address configurations from the software on your router. When you need to obtain your router's IP address for configuration or troubleshooting purposes, query your network adapter for the default gateway address.


Step 1

Press and hold the "Windows" then "R" keys to open a Run box. Type "Cmd.exe" in the "Open" field and click "OK." This runs the Windows Command Prompt.

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Step 2

Type "Ipconfig" and press "Enter." This command displays your current network configuration in the prompt.


Step 3

Locate the "Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection" section if you are connected to your router through an Ethernet cable. Look for the "Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection" section if you are connected to a wireless router.


Step 4

Look at the numbers next to "Default Gateway." This is your router's IP address.



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