The Advantages of Random Access Memory

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Personal computers often operate slower than they should due to a lack of RAM.

RAM, random access memory, is the most basic and standard form of computer memory. RAM is the memory used to manage multiple tasks on your computer. It benefits the user by allowing a computer to run its operations without seeing a decline in performance. The RAM size that is standard in most computers is 128 MBs, but it can range all the way to 512 MBs, according to The amount of RAM on your computer at any given time can be upgraded to a larger size to increase the performance of your computer.


Online Advantages

Regardless of how fast an Internet connection is on a computer, the amount of memory, or RAM, can inhibit the speed and performance of a computer on the Web. Modern Web pages often employee use of flash animation as well as changing advertisements on the websites which take up a large percentages of your RAM. If that happens, everything on the page will load slower and will usually result in all of the on-screen animation playing in a slow, choppy manner. An increase in RAM will help curb this effect, as well as helping to make the Web pages look more attractive, running in a smooth, quick-loading fashion.


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Windows XP Processing

Windows XP, hailed as a phenomenal processor for all types of multimedia entertainment including activities such as gaming, Internet access, and running multiple programs at once often loses those capabilities when coupled with a insufficient amount of RAM. However, many PCs, or personal computers, come standard with the minimum necessary RAM to operate. Rather than offering an optimized system, the lack of RAM unfortunately leads to inferior performance, especially when running multiple programs. The effect becomes exaggerated after a PC is bogged down by spyware and viruses. An increase in RAM when first purchasing the computer to a recommended 256MB will help to eliminate the problem before it begins.


Gaming Advantages

It is common for the average gamer to immediately think to buy a brand new, ultra expensive video card to enhance their gaming experience. However, in many cases, the gamer would have wasted his money when he could have simply purchased more RAM. The extra RAM will help to improve the number of the color pixels, allowing for crisper images, and most importantly, it gives the gamer the ability to render the environment in a higher resolution, providing a much more realistic picture. Lastly, the extra RAM provides smoother transitions in-game, letting the player experience less lag, or short periods of time when the game freezes.