The Advantages of Using MS Access Report

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Microsoft Access is a relational database management system for the Microsoft Office package. A user can create databases and present queried data in easy-to-design reports. These reports contain several benefits over report functions in other programs.

Ease of Use

To design a report in Microsoft Access, all a user has to do is point and click. By selecting data for the report and choosing among many options of style features, the user can create a fully functional report.


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Updated Design Mode

With more recent versions of Access (Access 2007), the user is able to view how the report will look while creating the report. The user does not have to complete the report and run it before viewing it. This enables the user to make design changes in a more time-efficient manner.


Data Presentation

Reports can be created with data grouped together by category. This contains subtotals, counts and other powerful formulas that save time and provide greater analysis.

Updating Reports

If the user updates information in the database, a report can be recreated to contain the new information. The prior version will remain consistent, allowing the user to compare versions.



Advantage Over Reports in Other Programs

Reports in Access can be much easier to create, saving time for more useful tasks. Creating reports created in programs such as Excel can be difficult and time-consuming. Also, if data in an Excel spreadsheet is linked to other spreadsheets, there is a chance that the data may not be up-to-date.




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