The Advantages of YouTube in Education

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The modern Internet has forever changed how we conduct business, engage with other people and how we learn. Our lives are now connected to the World Wide Web to such a degree that children are growing up with video lessons in schools as educators increasingly understand how to teach new generations. Videos are now used for classroom lectures, institutional promos, bulletins and newsletters, and teacher training, with YouTube leading the charge as the most versatile medium for disseminating video content in the classroom and beyond.


Video in the Classroom

The implementation of YouTube video into classrooms -- particularly science and math classrooms -- has contributed to much greater flexibility in instruction. Not only can teachers display accurate charts and graphs, but they can use video to show students how mitosis actually works or feature a lecturer from one of YouTube's education channels. Remarkably, YouTube offers entire courses from top-tier Ivy League institutions. The possibilities for augmenting education with the wealth of knowledge available in online video are vast.


Video of the Day

Online Video Promotions

You aren't limited to using video only inside four classroom walls. Educational institutions are using video to promote their messages, and nearly all large colleges have their own YouTube channels to promote themselves. YouTube is an international hub for Internet entertainment with a broad reach. Small institutions shouldn't overlook YouTube because it doesn't directly target their markets. YouTube is one of the most professional-looking and familiar video distribution platforms. Host your school's videos on YouTube and pair local advertising with an online presence to give your school a big boost.


Bulletins and Newsletters

You may think it's cumbersome to create videos for weekly or monthly newsletters, but it's worth it. The increased engagement that video offers is a much better investment than paper handouts. Today, many forward-thinking educational institutions use digital newsletters distributed through email or a mobile app in combination with YouTube video links. If you want to get announcements out with style, video is by far your best bet.



There are a ton of costly solutions for teacher training out there, but the most value for a school's money can be achieved by building out your own training program using YouTube online video. Video is the most interactive medium for online instruction apart from dedicated interaction with an instructor. Increasingly people are learning from online videos, with sites set up exclusively for this task. Today, you can learn nearly anything online; from entry-level Algebra to advanced JavaScript, the Internet has you covered.


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