The Difference Between IT & ICT

IT and ICT are often used interchangeably by those in the computer industry, but these terms are different in definition. IT stands for Information Technology and ICT stands for Information Communication Technology. These are very closely related, but the terms signify two different areas of study or industry. Most simply put, ICT falls under the IT umbrella and refers to the specific area of IT that has to do with communications.

ICT refers to communication technologies.

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IT is the abbreviation for Information Technology, and is used within texts to be concise. IT refers to the entire information domain, which includes the hardware, software, peripherals, and networking. An item falls under the IT umbrella when it is used for the purposes of storing, protecting, retrieving, and processing data electronically. This is a vast field with many different subspecialties, including networking, communications, and software engineering. IT is an important aspect for businesses and the academic community.


ICT is the abbreviation for Information Communication Technology. The term is used mostly within the academic arena to refer to the branch of IT related to digital devices that are used to communicate or interact with digital information. ICT also draws in telephony and media broadcasting. This term is used to describe a very specific area of IT and is more specific than the general idea of networking.

IT vs. ICT

The difference between IT and ICT is the concepts that the terms cover. ICT is simply a specific area of IT. The concepts covered within ICT are part of the IT industry but not all IT concepts are covered by the term ICT. It is important to remember this when using the terms both professionally and academically, especially when referring to specific concepts that may fall under one term but not the other.


Within the information industry, the terms ICT and IT are often used interchangeably. However, the definition of ICT is becoming more specific as the industry moves forward. It is important to know if the term is being used correctly, as the entire context of an article or text could be skewed. The definition of ICT will continue to grow with the industry, as new forms of communications are studied and developed.

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