Top 10 Places You Should Not Play Pokemon Go

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Pokémon Go might turn out to be a passing fad, like the hoola hoop, but right now, it's huge—in a way that makes really big things, like elephants and the national debt, seem kinda small in comparison. Unfortunately, with millions of people playing the game, we've seen a slew of bad apples pursuing the Pokémon hunt at times and in places that should be off-limits. So as a public service, we've rounded up this collection of destinations and conditions where you most definitely should not play Pokémon.


10. The Holocaust Museum

Most people recognize this intuitively, but it's in really bad taste to play Pokémon Go at the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. The museum's management agrees, and has said: "Playing the game is not appropriate in the museum, which is a memorial to the victims of Nazism. We are trying to find out if we can get the museum excluded from the game."

9. The 9/11 Memorial

I've been to the 9/11 Memorial in New York City. It's a beautiful, somber site built on the foundation of the World Trade Center. And playing Pokémon Go there is an affront to the memory of the people who died there—and angers visitors paying their respects.


8. Any Concentration Camp, but Auschwitz in Particular

Seeing a trend here? Bottom line: the folks who manage the Auschwitz Memorial, built on the remnants of the unspeakably horrific Auschwitz concentration camp, have asked clueless Pokémon Go players to refrain from being the worst people ever.

7. The Zoo, After It’s Closed

We could generalize this one to "any private property that isn't open for business, and any public space outside visiting hours." But in particular, don't be like the people who jumped a zoo fence to look for eggs after the facility was closed. Those penguins were trying to sleep, dude.


6. Police Stations in Australia

You might think this would apply to all police stations—and you'd probably be right. In any event, Australian police are asking gamers to stay out of their precinct stations during Pokémon hunts.


5. While Driving Your Car

Reportedly, the unfortunate victim who died when a Tesla operating in "autopilot" mode crashed may have been distracted by watching a movie while behind the wheel. Some Pokémon Go gamers seem similarly unclear about when to put the phone down. So far (thankfully) there have been no reported fatalities on the PG front, but at least one person did drive into a tree while trying to catch 'em all. Don't—please. We're on the road with you, and it's dangerous enough when everyone is sober and paying attention.


4., 3., 2., 1. Other Places Where You Should Know Better

While we're here, let's take the proactive step of listing a few other locales that you should avoid in your Pokémon Go hunting:

4. Church, synagogue, mosque, temple, etc., especially while services are taking place.

3. Funerals. Don't crash anyone's final farewell to this mortal coil in hopes of finding Bulbasaur.


2. The spooky abandoned roller disco. Just ask Homer.

1. Inside an active volcano. Because apparently it needs to be said.