Troubleshooting for Bose V35

Your Bose V35 will, sooner or later, run into problems, just like any home entertainment system. The majority of problems with your V35 are easy enough to fix. In fact, the majority of problems you are likely to run into will require little more than tweaking the right settings and adjusting the right wires.

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Basic solutions

Before you do anything, make sure a couple of things are in order. Check that the power cord is plugged in securely, and check that the remote has fresh batteries. Reset the system by holding down the "Power" button on the console for at least five seconds. This will shut down the console. Press the "Power" button again to turn the system back on. By resetting the system like this, you can bypass a number of software issues.

Audio problems

If you can't hear any sound, make sure that the sound is not muted. Also make sure that the volume is turned up. Check the audio wires in the back of the console. Make sure that the wires are plugged in securely, and that they are plugged in the correct ports. If all your audio connections are secure and you are still having sound problems, turn on the TV and press the "More" button on your remote control. Select "Options." From here, you can adjust audio settings. This is especially useful if you are having an issue with the audio balance of your speakers, or if specific speakers are not working properly.

Video problems

If you can't see any video, check the video jacks on the console. Make sure the AV wires are secure and plugged in to the right jacks. If this does not help, press the "TV Input" button on your remote. This will cycle through the available television input modes. You may have simply been using the wrong input mode. If the resolution of your video is off, press the "More" button on your remote, and then select "Options." Go to the "Video Output" option and change the TV resolution that you want.

Remote control problems

Make sure that the batteries are fresh and properly secured in your remote. Press the "Setup" button on the console. Select "Add a device," using the volume buttons on the console to navigate. Follow the on-screen instructions to add your remote control as a registered device.

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