Troubleshooting a Toshiba LCD TV


LCD TVs are advanced pieces of equipment, and Toshiba LCD televisions are no different. As with any advanced piece of electronics equipment, a number of problems can occur with them that may throw a consumer for a loop. However, several specific problems on a Toshiba LCD TV are either simple oversights or technical glitches that can be solved easily.

Power Settings

Check the power settings of your Toshiba LCD television. Is the television turned on? Moreover and less obviously, check the power outlet or power strip that your television is plugged into. Has the plug become dislodged or loose? Check and correct this connection-it may be the most simple reason why the Toshiba LCD is not turning on.

Examine your digital cable box or satellite box, if applicable. Perhaps the Toshiba LCD TV is blank/not receiving a satellite/cable signal, but the power settings and power outlet have already been checked. Instead, look at the box and ensure that the audio/video cables (either white, yellow and red cables, or a number of different color combinations depending on whether have high definition is a factor or not) are properly snug and plugged in. You may have the Audio cable plugged into the Video socket, or a similar situation, and this would affect the Toshiba television in a variety of ways.

Audio/Video Connections and the Remote

Check the video setting of the television. The Toshiba LCD may have a black screen but clearly be powered on. So, what is the problem, and why is it unresponsive when an attempt is made to change channels? Use the remote to cycle through the video sources and make sure it is on the video source associated with the satellite or cable television (for example, likely Component 1 or Component 2, as opposed to AV1). The video mode may have been switched after watching a DVD or playing a video game, or any similar situation.

Look at the remote. Is the television still unresponsive in some ways? Perhaps the DVR functions are not working (in the case of DVR). Make sure the Cable setting (as opposed to regular TV) is selected at the top of your remote, if this is an option. The remote may have been switched onto another configuration, and this would explain the partial unresponsiveness of your Toshiba.

Send the Toshiba LCD TV back to the manufacturer or place of purchase if none of the above work. Clouding, which is an imaging problem, may be an issue with the TV out of the box as well (particularly with Sony models), and this requires a replacement.