How to Turn the Ringer Off on a VTech Cordless Phone

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It is possible to turn the ringer off on your VTech cordless phone.

VTech produces phone systems found in homes and offices all over the country. The VTech line of cordless phones are popular in homes due to programmable features, such as an internal phonebook, caller ID functions and other changeable options. If you have a VTech cordless phone and would like a little privacy while watching a movie or reading a book, you can go into the programming menu and turn your ringer off.


Step 1

Charge the VTech cordless phone headset on the base before you begin changing menu settings. When the phone is fully charged, you will see the battery icon on the display screen with a full bar. Take the phone off the base when it is ready.

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Step 2

Press the "Prog" button on the handset. This will bring up the menu for the VTech cordless phone, which will allow you to change many different programmable functions on the phone. The menu will be displayed on the screen on the handset. Press the "Up" or "Down" buttons on the handset until you see "Ringer Vol."


Step 3

Press the "Select" button. The current setting will appear and begin to flash, noting that you can now change the setting. Press the "Up" and "Down" buttons to cycle through the different options to find the "Off" setting. Press "Select."


Step 4

Return to the "Prog" menu and press the "Prog" button again to save your changes and return to the main screen. You will not hear a ring from the VTech cordless phone as long as the ringer mode is set to "Off," but the screen will light up when you receive a call so you can answer it if you choose.




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