How to Type Exponents in Excel

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Exponents are superscript numbers to the right of a base.

Exponentiation is a mathematical operation on two numbers. One number, called the base, is the number that is subject to repeated multiplication. A second number, called the exponent, determines how many times the base is multiplied by itself. For example, a base of 4 with an exponent of 3 means that 4 is multiplied by itself 3 times, as in 4 x 4 x 4. An exponent is normally shown as a superscript number to the right of the base, but there is a different way to type exponents in Excel.


Step 1

Click on the cell where you want to type the exponent.

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Step 2

Type the "=" sign. This sign informs Excel that you are entering a formula.

Step 3

Type the base number. For example, type "3."


Step 4

Type the "^" symbol, located on the 6 key on a standard keyboard.


Step 5

Type the exponent. For example, type "2."

Step 6

Press the "Enter" key. Excel will evaluate the exponent and return the result. In the above example, the result would be 9.

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