How to Use an External Monitor With a Satellite Laptop

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Connect External Monitor to Laptop

The Toshiba Satellite series laptops are equipped with the ability to use an external monitor. Toshiba laptops ship with an VGA connector on the left side of the machine that allows a second monitor to be attached and configured for use. In addition, all Windows operating systems support multiple monitors and configuring external monitors using the â??Displayâ? configuration settings in the Control Panel is very straightforward. An external monitor may enhance productivity by providing the user with additional screen real estate and a larger view than with the Satellite display.


Step 1

Power down the Satellite and make sure the machine is turned completely off, and not in Sleep or Hibernate mode.

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Step 2

Plug one end of the VGA cable into the external monitor.

Step 3

Plug the other end of the VGA cable into the â??Monitorâ? port on the left side of the Toshiba Satellite.


Step 4

Turn on the external monitor and power up the Toshiba Satellite. Allow the computer to boot up and â??findâ? the external monitor.

Step 5

Press the â??F5â? key while pressing and holding the Function (Fn) key on the Satellite keyboard. The display will toggle between the external monitor, the Satellite monitor and both. Select the desired display setting.



Step 6

Right-click the Windows desktop and select â??Personalizeâ? from the context menu.

Step 7

Click the â??Display Settingsâ? option to configure the external monitor. From the Display Settings page, the external monitor may be configured as the â??Main Monitorâ? or may be used to â??Extend the Desktopâ? by checking the checkboxes next to the respective options and clicking â??OKâ?.

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