Uses for Old DIRECTV Receivers

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DIRECTV is the oldest and one of the largest satellite television giants in the world. With several satellites in near-Earth orbit, DIRECTV beams premium television services to all of the United States and most of the world. DIRECTV's receivers are the terrestrial keystone to their satellite television operation, deciphering the satellite feed and turning it into a high-quality television picture. With all the metal and plastic in the receivers, the green question is raised: What do I do with my old DIRECTV receiver?



Recycling is one option for disposing of an old DIRECTV receiver.

DIRECTV receivers contain metals, such as aluminum, and some models contain gold. The receivers also contain plastic and rubber. All of these materials are recyclable, so with no further necessity of an old DIRECTV receiver, recycling is a viable option. A simple Internet search for electronics recycling in your area may reveal several options. Also, contacting your county or city waste disposal departments will help you find locations to take your receiver.


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Donating is a tax-deductible option for any unwanted or unused household items, including your used receiver. Older DIRECTV receivers are often still usable, and could bridge the financial gap in one family's inability to afford satellite television. Simply take your receiver to any local charitable thrift-store operation and donate it to them. Usually the charity will give you a donation receipt, upon which you can fill in the value of your receiver and your other donations. You can use this receipt to write off the donation the next time you file your income tax.



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Selling a used DIRECTV receiver is the most monetarily advantageous option. Some options to sell a used receiver include Internet auction, newspaper classified, Internet classified, garage sale or flea market. New receivers are often more than $100, and some exceed $200. Selling your old receiver could mean a huge savings for someone who otherwise would not have been able to afford one.




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