Vizio TV Power Problems

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Vizio power problems can damage the television.

Vizio provides high quality television products with cost effective pricing. They manufacture many flat panel televisions including plasma and LCD. Vizio televisions, like many electronics, are susceptible to a variety of issues and malfunctions with their power supplies.



Surge damage and overheating are common power-related problems with Vizio televisions. They interrupt the television usage in unstable ways.

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Surge damage can disrupt the power supply and can trip an automatic protection response that prevents the television from turning back on. Overheating can cause the television to shut off during use.



A surge protector or power center can protect the television from surge damage. Placing the television in a well ventilated area and occasionally cleaning the ventilation openings can help keep the television cool to avoid overheating. Once overheated, the television may need to be reset. Unplug the set and then let it cool before using it again.




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