What Do I Do About My Dish TV When It Says No Signal?

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Wind and rain can affect your satellite signal.

Dish Network signal loss occurs when your satellite dish is not correctly picking up the signal, which is beamed from orbiting satellites. You may also see a message on your TV that says "No Signal" that is not related to the satellite.


Satellite Signal Loss vs. TV Input Problems

If you have a blue box with a three-digit error message in the top-right corner, such as "015" or "002," you are experiencing trouble with the satellite. If you have a blank TV screen that simply says "No Signal," then the issue is related to your television input or channel.


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Satellite Signal Loss

During heavy rain, wind, or snow, you may experience temporary signal loss. This is because the signal coming from space is blocked or distorted on its way to your dish antenna. Wait out the storm and you will get your signal back. If the weather is clear, perform a "Hard Reset" by unplugging your Dish receiver for 10 seconds.



TV Input and Channel Problems

If the problem occurs on the television closest to your Dish receiver box, or if you have only one TV connected to the receiver, tune your TV to channel 3 or 4, or to the correct input (such as Video 1). If the issue is on the other TV, tune it to channel 60 or 73.




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