What Does a "Server Hangup" Mean?

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Whenever a computer trips a "Server Hangup" error, it means that the server the computer is trying to communicate with has stopped responding. The term "hang" is a type of "abnormal end," or "abend," that describes when a computer stops responding in a program or process. Hang errors appear when the computer can't obtain the next data in a process, receives data it doesn't recognize or gets stuck in an infinite loop. Hangs are different from crashes because the hanging programs don't stop working.


What Sever Hangups Mean

The computer accessing information from a server, whether it's for a website on the Internet or to grab a video file in an office, is called the "client." A server hangup means that when the client requested data from the server, the server did not return any information. Eventually, the program or computer requesting the data may "time-out" or give up on waiting. The hang occurs while the client is waiting for information prior to the time-out.


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Client Side Troubleshooting

There is a little a client can do to resolve a hang aside from trying again, checking the network connection and rebooting. The client can't fix the problem if the server is the cause of the hang -- as opposed to a network communication issue.





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