What Happens When a GoPhone Expires?

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It's important to check your GoPhone's balance and expiration date to keep your phone active.

The AT&T GoPhone is a prepaid cellular phone that uses funds from a phone card, from your credit/debit card or bank account. Each phone card or refill package you purchase for your GoPhone contains an expiration date -- a $15 card expires after 30 days, a $25, $50, or $75 dollar card after 90 days and a $100 card expires after one year. If you don't load funds before the expiration date, your GoPhone is shut off within 60 days.



When a GoPhone expires, you're no longer able to make calls on the phone, nor can you access the voice mail system, send text messages and access the AT&T Media Net network. If you're within your GoPhone's 60-day grace period, you can add funds to the phone to keep it active. To check to see if you are within the grace period, dial "611" on your phone's keypad and press "Send." You will receive your current balance and expiration date via a computerized system then add 60 days to that expiration date. You can also find the expiration date of your last AT&T GoPhone phone card or refill package and add 60 days to that date.


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After the Grace Period

If the 60-day grace period is over, your GoPhone's wireless number is no longer valid and the number is returned to AT&T's pool of available numbers. Your GoPhone account is also canceled and you won't be able to access account information on the AT&T GoPhone website.



Any minutes that were on the phone after the account is canceled are now gone. You can't get a refund or transfer the minutes to another GoPhone. If you decide you want to reactivate your GoPhone, you can by calling AT&T at 800-331-0500 and speaking with a customer representative. Your new GoPhone service will have a new wireless number and you'll have to purchase a phone card or refill package to complete the reactivation process.


Checking Expiration Date

If your GoPhone is active, you can check your phone's balance and expiration date by dialing "*777#." A text message will appear with your funds balance and expiration date. You can also check your phone's balance online by navigating your computer's Internet browser to My GoPhone (paygonline.com) and logging in to your account with your phone number and personal identification number.