What Is a PayPal Invoice?

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PayPal Invoice is a billing service that gives you the ability to bill and receive payments from your clients through email. It works just like a paper invoice, and clients will be able to pay directly using credit cards or funds in their PayPal accounts.

Target Ssers

PayPal Invoice is ideal for freelancers, contractors, small business owners or anyone who need to generate a one-time invoice.


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Easier than MS Excel

PayPal Invoice will calculate the total with the entered prices, tax and shipping details.


Clients receive your invoices instantaneously in their email. PayPal prompts them with a link to expedite the payment process.



PayPal notifies you once your client has completed payment. You receive your money fast without the hassle of extra paperwork.


For future use

PayPal gives you the option of saving your invoice as a template. You may create and save up to ten different invoice templates. You access templates through the "Create Invoice" page.



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