What Is Microsoft Office Visio Viewer?

If you do not have your own copy of the Microsoft Visio software, the free Microsoft Office Visio Viewer allows you to view files, such as plans and drawings, created in Visio on your PC.

Microsoft Visio is diagramming software.


Microsoft Visio is application software for Windows PCs that allows people to create plans, drawings and diagrams. It is commonly used for purposes such as building and electrical plans, IT network diagrams and company organizational charts.


The Visio Viewer program is available from the Microsoft website and allows anyone with a Windows PC to open files created by Microsoft Visio.

Once installed, you can open Visio files directly from Windows Explorer.


If you need to edit Visio files, you will need to purchase your own copy of Microsoft Visio.

An alternative to using the Visio Viewer is to request creators of drawings to publish them in PDF format, which will allow most people to view the files with no additional software requirements.