What Is Pix Shape?

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High-definition televisions seek to differentiate themselves by adding technologies and features unique to the manufacturer. The Sanyo-manufactured line of HDTVs are no different. Many of their HDTVs include the Pix Shape feature. By using Pix Shape, Sanyo HDTV owners can set the best possible picture for their television.


What is Pix Shape

Pix Shape is a technology exclusive to high-definition televisions manufactured by Sanyo. A major electronics corporation, Sanyo creates many products, including home appliances, cameras, camcorders and televisions. Their televisions in particular use Pix Shape to adjust the image's size and format.


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How to Access

Pix Shape can be accessed on the television in a number of ways. Some television remotes include a "Pix Shape" button to automatically access the Pix Shape menu. Other televisions display the Pix Shape menu after access to the main menu. Pressing the "Menu" button will display the main menu on the television. Using the up and down cursor keys, owners should highlight "Picture" and press the "Enter" button. Pix Shape settings will be adjustable from the picture menu.


Opening the Menu

Using the cursor keys, highlight the "Pix Shape" option and press "Enter" on the remote to open the Pix Shape menu. Press the right and left arrow keys to cycle between the various Pix Shapes that the Sanyo HDTV can use. Once the screen is adjusted to your liking, press the "Exit" key to exit the main menu and return to television viewing.


Pix Shape Settings

There are seven different Pix Shape configurations that a Sanyo TV owner can select from. The "Pix1" setting displays the image in a standard definition 4:3 format. "Pix2" stretches the 4:3 format image horizontally onto the entire screen. The "Pix3" format stretches the image horizontally and vertically over the entire screen. "Pix4" is similar to "Pix3," except the image is stretched horizontally twice to create a wider image. "Pix5" is similar to "Pix2," except the image is enlarged proportionately with the middle of the screen. "Pix6," is essentially the "Pix1" setting with no overscan, and "Pix7" is similar to "Pix2" with no overscan effect.




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