What Is the Profile in the General Setting on an iPhone?

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The iPhone's General option is a feature of your device's Settings menu that provides profile information about your iPhone. This profile includes information about your iPhone's cellular service provider, media files, capacity and system information. Although all iPhone models contain this profile information, the specific information displayed will vary depending on your iPhone and how you use your device.


Accessing Profile Information

To access the profile information on your iPhone, tap the "Settings" icon from your device's home screen. Select the "General" option. The first button under the General option is the "About" button. This About button represents your iPhone's profile information. Tap the "About" button to view your device's profile information.

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Network and Media Files

The first items that appear under your iPhone's About profile are the network currently active on your device and information about your device's media files. The Network field lists the active network currently set up on your device. This is the network your device would use to make a telephone call or access a cellular data network. The media file fields directly below the Network field tell you how many song, video and photo files you currently have stored on your iPhone.


Applications and Storage Information

The application field of your iPhone's profile lists the number of applications currently installed on your device. This number includes preinstalled applications and applications you installed directly from Apple's App Store. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, this number will not include applications downloaded from the Cydia Store. Below the application information, you will find information about the total capacity of your iPhone's memory and the amount of memory currently available on your device.


System Information

In addition, the About profile information will display identifying system information about your iPhone. This information includes your iPhone's model number, serial number, Wi-Fi address, Bluetooth address, IMEI number, ICCID number and modem firmware version. You would typically use this system information when obtaining service for your device or determining your device's compatibility with a specific application or process.