What Is Verizon *611?

Calling 611 reaches Verizon customer service when dialed from a Verizon phone. For Android phones, the My Verizon Mobile app offers an on-screen feature for [611.](http://www.verizonwireless.com/support/what-is-the-611-on-screen-app-video/) This tool helps you to make changes to your account and monitor the activity of your data plan.

Call *611 from a Verizon Phone

Dial *611 from your Verizon mobile phone and press Send to be directly connected with a Verizon customer service representative. The normal customer service contact number for a wireless account is (800) 922-0204. There is no difference in these two numbers, they both call Verizon Customer Service. An automated phone system helps you check your balances, check your usage and perform other account-management items. You can also be connected to a Verizon customer support representative if you need assistance.

Use *611 On-Screen From Your Smart Phone

My Verizon Mobile is a application that helps you access your Verizon account and perform tasks like check monthly usage, make payments, update information and manage your account. A feature of My Verizon Mobile is *611 On-Screen. When you dial 611 from your phone, the on-screen app appears, presenting a visual way to choose the same options that calling 611 gives you. For example, when you call you may have the option to press 2 to hear your balance. The on-screen app provides the same option, without having to go through the menu system of the customer-service number. Use the app to:

  • View your usage
  • View your bill
  • Pay your bill
  • Change your plan
  • Change your features
  • Find support content
  • Call customer service
  • And other popular actions
On Screen
On Screen
credit: Kathleen Estrada

The benefit of using this app is you do not need to wait in line on the phone or deal with a customer service representative, although you can use the app to dial the customer-service line so you can speak with a real person for assistance.

The 611 On-Screen app is currently available to Android devices. If you have an Android Verizon device and you do not see the My Verizon Mobile app or 611 On-Screen, visit the Play store and download the My Verizon Mobile App.

Turn 611 On-Screen off or on by opening the app and tapping the Profile tab. Scroll down and tap **611 On-Screen Settings** to toggle this feature on or off.

credit: Kathleen Estrada