What Things Use a Microcontroller?

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Microcontrollers are electronic components that are small computation engines that can be used in any application that requires decision making or system monitoring. There is a vast variety of microcontrollers available for integration into products. Microcontrollers generally have analog and digital input/output capabilities. Users can program a microcontroller using a variety of programming languages such as Assembly, C and C++. These software programs can be developed to monitor and acquire certain inputs, perform high speed computations and analysis and generate output to control a variety of devices such as LCD screens, actuators and more.


Microcontrollers in Health Care

Products that involve an electronic-human interface make use of a microcontroller. A microcontroller has the capability to interface with a keyboard, accept information and display outputs on a screen for viewing. Microcontrollers can be used in basic instruments from calculators to high-end sophisticated health care products such as heart monitors. Almost all electronic medical devices such as blood pressure monitors, blood sugar meters and blood oxygen saturation meters have advanced microcontrollers.


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Micrcontrollers in the Defense Sector

Sophisticated electronic weapons used in the defense sector also contain microcontrollers. Anti-tank missiles, surface-to-air missiles and now even guns used by the military have microcontrollers in their electronic circuitry. Microcontrollers are used as decision-making and computational devices that simplify the use of instruments for humans.

Microcontrollers in Toys

Electronic interactive toys found in everyday life contain microcontrollers. Toys have been made more fun and have come to provide a huge educational platform for kids due to the integration of microcontrollers. Mini-robot toys, remote controlled cars, helicopters and planes are some of the examples of products that make use of microcontrollers.


Microcontrollers in Household Products

Devices used in the kitchen and around the house such as refrigerators, TVs, radios, washing machines, dishwashers and even humidifiers frequently use microcontrollers. Any electronic consumer product that has a key entry for operation has a microcontroller inside. All electronic watches have microcontrollers. Microcontrollers have an enormous influence in improving the quality of our day-to-day lives.