What to Do If a Lenovo Laptop Is Overheating

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While laptops in general overheat easily, Lenovo laptops are at the top on this list. Regardless of which particular model you own, you should take some necessary precautions if you notice your Lenovo laptop is overheating.


Lenovo laptops overheat primarily as a result from the design of the device. While demand increases for improved performance, there also is a demand for sleek, compact design, which creates a real problem for the Lenovo company. Specifically, the laptops have little open access to air, and poor built-in fans that are purposed to push hot air out. Essentially, Lenovo laptops have no fans to bring cool air in, and plastic is covering the most-worked part of the machine.


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The easiest prevention of overheated laptops is by controlling the laptop's environment, giving it the coolest temperature possible, thus optimal performance. Some ways of controlling the temperature are adjusting the thermostat in your room and purchasing laptop stands with a coolant system. If your Lenovo laptop is overheating already, a solution is to simply practice good laptop hygiene. Frequently clean the internal components, especially the vents and fan access, with a can of compressed air, as this will remove dust that is the cause for insulating heat within the laptop. Another good practice is to limit your time using your laptop, turning it off every night.




While Lenovo laptops may be appealing to purchase because of their price, it may be a more economical decision to purchase a desktop computer or perhaps a brand that takes better consideration of overheating issues.




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