Why Is My RCA Remote Not Working?

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Troubleshooting an RCA remote is easy and will take only a minute or two of your time. Once you have checked several factors that could be affecting your remote's functionality, you can determine whether or not you need to purchase a new remote control.



One of the first and most simple items to check is the batteries. If it has been a while since the batteries have been replaced, exchange the used batteries with new ones. Test the remote to see if this was the source of the problem.


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Reset Your RCA Remote

If you still have your owner's manual, check to see if the RCA remote you own has any reset options available. Some of the newer RCA remotes have very simple, user-friendly reset options that can restore functionality to a remote control. If you do reset your RCA remote, you may have to set the remote to the devices that it was previously set up to (TV, DVD, receiver). If you do not have your owner's manual, go to RCA's website and look up the electronic version of the manual that corresponds to your remote. You can also directly contact RCA's customer service to obtain a reset code for your specific remote.


Checking the Remote Signal

There is also a digital camera method frequently used to verify an RCA remote is the problem, and not the eye on the television that receives the signal from the RCA TV remote. Set your digital camera (or camera phone) to the picture setting, pointing the RCA television remote at the camera and pushing buttons on the remote control. If the display on your digital camera shows a repeated flash from your remote control, then there is a signal being emitted from your RCA remote control. If you do not see a flash, try another button. If you try multiple buttons and there is no flash, then no signal is being sent out from your remote control.


Contact the Manufacturer

If you are unable to resolve the problems associated with your RCA remote control, bring the remote control to the store where you purchased it initially to see about receiving a replacement. You also have the option of contacting RCA directly to purchase a replacement, although it could take several days to weeks before a new replacement remote control is mailed to you. Depending on your warranty and the store's return policy where you purchased the remote from, the remote may or may not be free of charge. An older remote will likely be replaced with a new remote that is compatible with your television.


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