How to See What You've Asked on Tumblr

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All questions are private until the blogger answers them publicly.
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Asking and answering questions on Tumblr is another way to connect with your audience. You can track questions and answers through your inbox, but reviewing your own questions involves waiting for a response. When you send questions to other blogs, unless you do so privately, you will need to review your question on their blogs after the answers have been published.


Step 1

Visit a Tumblr blog that has questions enabled. Some themes feature an ask button integrated into posts, others have links in the margin or header that may say something like "Ask Me Anything." A user can customize the link to say anything when she sets up the ask feature for her blog.


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Step 2

Ask a question in the question box by locating the ask button and typing your question. If anonymous questions are allowed, you can click "Ask anonymously" to send your question without your username attached. Anonymous questions can only be viewed after a user responds to them, and will not send a notification to your inbox. Click the "Ask" button to post your question.



Step 3

Visit the other blog to see if a response has been given. Public responses will appear as new posts made to a blog with the question and answer. Private responses are sent directly to you from the other blogger, allowing you to see the response and the original question.




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