The Advantages of Using Telecommunication Systems in E-Business

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Phone systems are an example of business telecommunication.
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Telecommunications systems enable information to be exchanged electronically, either through wired or wireless means. This can be a huge advantage to businesses, allowing them to communicate with and send data to employees and clients irrespective of their physical location. E-businesses in particular may depend on efficient telecommunications systems to successfully conduct their business over the Internet.



Electronic telecommunications systems tend to be highly scalable. This means that they are efficient at communicating with both large and small numbers of clients. For example, a business could start up with just a few clients in its Web-based instant messenger, or IM, service, and grow that number of contacts as the business grows, all without having to invest in new equipment. In addition, IM would enable them to communicate internationally for no extra charge, unlike physical communication systems such as the postal service.

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Even older telecoms systems, such as the phone service, allow for instantaneous communication. This can be extremely advantageous to businesses, which may need to deal with a lot of time-sensitive requests. The ability to have customers receive messages straight away means that E-Businesses can provide a higher level of customer care than would otherwise be possible, including setting service level agreements on dealing with customer complaints and grievances. It also allows them to keep in regular touch with remote-working employees.



By definition, e-businesses sell their goods and services over the Internet. As such, it is reasonable for these businesses to assume that the majority of their customers are Internet users. Using Web-based telecommunications systems allows e-businesses to communicate with their customers in the same ways that those customers communicate with each other, including IM, social media and Internet-based phone services. This in turn can help to portray the business as an organization that understands its audience.




Choosing the right telecommunications system can help businesses to save money on the cost of communications hardware and software. In fact, smaller E-Businesses may be able to fulfill all of their communication needs through inexpensive services such as ooVoo and Skype. Even larger organizations can see benefits from an efficient telecoms system. Unified communications technology allows for both data and voice traffic to be sent over the same office network, eliminating the need for separate phone and computer network systems.



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