What Do the F Keys Mean on an Apple iMac?

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The iMac's keyboard includes various function and special operation keys.
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The Apple iMac includes a wireless keyboard that contains a numeric keypad as well as a set of function keys, also known as F keys. The function keys are preprogrammed and perform a variety of tasks including opening the Dashboard to access business applications, controlling your iMac's volume and adjusting your computer's brightness controls. The function keys are at the top of the keyboard and accessible at anytime.


Function Keys - 1 through 4

The iMac contains 12 function keys and each key is assigned a specific task. The F1 and F2 keys control your iMac's brightness controls including lightening and darkening the screen; the F3 key opens "Expose" and allows you to see all open windows on your Desktop at once instead of only seeing one open window; F4 opens the Dashboard for accessing widgets including business, communication and Internet widgets.

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Function Keys - 5 through 9

Function keys 5 and 6 are unassigned on the iMac's keyboard but some applications make use of the keys if pressed along with the Command key; Function keys 7 through 9 are media keys that controls the playback of DVDs and other media on your computer including pressing F7 to rewind content, pressing F8 to play content and pressing F9 to pause content.


Function Keys - 10 through 12

Function keys F10 through F12 are volume control keys. Press F10 to mute your iMac's sound, press F11 to decrease the sound level or press F12 to increase your computer's sound. The volume keys adjusts the sound of emitting from your computer's internal speakers as well as a set of headphones connected to your computer.



Icons and Removable

Each function key on your iMac's keyboard is labeled with an icon of the function programmed to it. Your iMac's function keys are not removable and using the keys is completely optional. You can also perform each of the options preprogrammed into the keys via menu options off of the Apple menu as well as within applications, if desired.



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