What Is the Benefit of Computer Memory?

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There are aspects of computer hardware technology that are common to most computers, large and small. Computer memory, also known as RAM (random access memory), is one of these aspects and many people may wonder what the benefit of computer memory actually is.



Computer memory is an essential piece of hardware in a computer. It is like a stage in which a computer's cast of software is performing.

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Actively running applications on a computer, such as operating systems and other computer software running inside an operating system, are stored in computer memory.



Storing actively running software in computer memory provides relatively quick and easy access by a computer's processor. This makes for a faster computing experience.

Faster Than Virtual Memory

Some operating systems allow a computer to use a hard disk as a kind of "virtual memory" as a way to extend RAM capacity. Using actual hardware RAM is generally much faster.



More Is Better

The more applications and documents you have open at once, the more memory is necessary for storing such data. If you find your computer slowing after opening several documents, you may want to upgrade the amount of memory in your computer.




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