This Website Will Make a Collage of Your Best Nine Instagram Posts of 2017

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If you've scrolled through Instagram lately, you've probably seen people posting collages of nine of their best photos from 2017 using the hashtag #2017bestnine.


Well, you too can create your very own Best Nine collage. The Best Nine website creates your collage based on the photos that garnered the most "likes," which is a fun thing to look back on as 2017 comes to a close. Not that the number of "likes" you received is an accurate representation of how your year went, of course.

Video of the Day

For example, here's Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Best 9:

And here's Beyoncé's collage:


To get your own collage, just go to and type in your Instagram handle. If your account is private, you'll need to make it public. (Even if only for the few seconds it takes to generate your collage.) Click "GET" and just like that you'll get a collage of your Best 9 photos from 2017. The site will also show you how many overall posts you shared and how many "likes" you received total.

Whether or not you post your results to Instagram for even more "likes" is totally up to you.