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Image Credit: SolisImages/iStock/Getty Images, formerly Ask Jeeves, is an Internet search engine that you can use to find relevant Web pages based on specific keywords. If you're a website owner, getting your website indexed and ranked in major search engines such as can benefit the success of your website. To submit your site to, you must have a sitemap in XML format uploaded to your Web server. You can then submit the sitemap URL directly to using the submission URL.


Step 1

Open a text editor on your computer and paste in the following submission URL:

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Step 2

Replace "" with the URL of your website sitemap. Don't include "http" or "https" at the beginning of your URL. Your sitemap must be in XML format.


Step 3

Launch your Web browser and copy and paste the entire submission URL, including your sitemap, into the browser address bar and press "Enter." A confirmation message from appears in the browser.





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