How to Convert MHT Documents to Word Format

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MHT files (also known as MHTML, or Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension HTML files) are archival website files that contain embedded pictures, links and other elements found on the original website. Instead of the website file linking to elements on a server, the website contains all of the elements it needs to display the website correctly in your computer's Internet browser. You can also view and convert MHT files in Microsoft Word 2002 or later. Once they are converted, you can edit and save the files as Word documents.


Step 1

Open Microsoft Word 2002 or later by clicking on the program's icon on your computer's desktop. This applies to both Windows and Mac platforms.

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Step 2

Click "File" and "Open."


Step 3

Navigate to the directory containing the MHT file.

Step 4

Double-click on the MHT file. It will have an ".mht" file extension. The MHT file will open within Microsoft Word.

Step 5

Make any changes—deletions, changing the text formatting or other edits.


Step 6

Click "File" and "Save As."


Step 7

Click on the pull-down arrow on the box by "Save as type." Select the file type "Word Document."

Step 8

Enter a new name for the MHT file, if desired, in the box next to the wording "File name."

Step 9

Click "Save." The MHT file is now converted to a Word document.

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