Use This App to Find Your Museum Portrait Doppelgänger

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Google's Arts & Culture app has a new feature that matches your selfie to a famous painting, and people can't seem to get enough of it. For some, the app is pretty dead on when it comes to finding look-a-likes, but for others, the matches couldn't be less match-y. But the ridiculousness of it all is what makes it so fun and addicting.


To get your doppelgänger, download the app (iOS or Android) and scroll down until you see this:

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Image Credit: Google Arts & Culture/screenshot

Click "Get Started," which will take you to a message from Google explaining that your photo will be sent to Google to find artworks that resemble you, and your photo won't be used or stored. If you accept, click "Accept."


Your camera will then pop up and you'll snap a selfie, which is how the results are gathered. Find out if you look like the Mona Lisa or some other super obscure person from a painting you've never heard of.


You can either keep the results for your own personal reflection, or you can be like everyone else and share them on social media. Even if they're not so accurate.


Here are some examples of some surprisingly spot on matches:

And some, well, less spot on matches:

And for the record, it also works on babies and dogs. The feature currently only works in certain parts of the country, however, but will hopefully become available to everyone soon.



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