This Marine Weather App Is a Surfer's Dream Come True

Image Credit: erikreis/iStock/GettyImages

There's nothing like catching the perfect wave in the open water. There's also nothing like knowing exactly when you should head out to the beach to catch that wave.

Surfline is the only app surfers need to know when they should throw on a wetsuit and grab their board. With its detailed wave analysis and live video feeds of surf spots all over the world, Surfline gives accurate and current swell information.

Over 400 live HD cameras are set up in surf breaks like Pipeline, Waimea Bay, Wedge, Maverick's, Teahupoo, and Uluwatu. Beyond that, Surfline's surf forecasting models and team of meteorologists provide detailed forecasts and surf reports for thousands of breaks globally.

Surfline also produces daily surf and ocean news, stories, videos, and photos. Download Surfline for iOS and Android.