Kohler Has a New Alexa-Enabled Smart Speaker Showerhead

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Taking a shower is a beautiful thing. Not only do you get clean and feel refreshed, showering provides you with a few moments of uninterrupted time to yourself (unless, you know, kids). So, naturally that's where you do your best thinking.


Kohler (maker of the smart toilet) put an Alexa-enabled speaker in a showerhead, making your shower a place where you can jot down your to-do list without actually doing any jotting.

Kohler's Moxie Showerhead also lets you ask Alexa to read you the news, order more soap, play your favorite songs, dim the lights, or do anything else Alexa is capable of doing. Plus, it's waterproof (duh).


Is a smart showerhead something you need? Probably not. But is it something that will make life a little more fun? For sure.

The Moxie Showerhead will be available to purchase sometime in 2020, according to the company. The Bluetooth speaker version will cost $99 and offer six to seven hours of playback on one charge. The version with Alexa will be $159, with the charge lasting up to five hours. The showerhead itself will cost an additional $70.