How to Fix a Blown Speaker

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Fix a Blown Speaker

How to Fix a Blown Speaker. Neil Young may keep on "Rockin' in the Free World," but anyone who's ever blown a speaker knows how much of a damper this can put on your next party or air guitar concert. Use these steps to fix a blown speaker and let the good times roll!


Step 1

Determine which speaker is causing the problem. Use the equalizer on your stereo to shift the balance from one speaker to the other and see where the sound is lost. Make sure to keep the volume low enough that you won't damage the good speaker!

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Step 2

Disassemble the offending speaker carefully. If there is a metal faceplate on the speaker, use a screwdriver to remove it. If it is covered with any kind of fabric, gently loosen the seams without tearing.


Step 3

Repair a tear in the cone of the speaker. If the cone of the speaker is punctured or torn you can use some tape or glue to repair the hole. If you are using glue you need to be sure the hole is completely covered.

Step 4

Check to see if the voice coil is damaged. Look at the voice coil to see if it's melted at some point. A gap in the coil will cause no sound to flow or to be very distorted, depending on the size of the gap. If the voice coil has melted you will have to replace the speaker.


Step 5

Order the replacement parts. You can order replacement parts directly from the manufacturer or from Web sites like US Speaker. Make sure you know the part number(s), which are usually located on the inside of the speaker or backside of the cone.


Step 6

Once you have the replacement parts, carefully note how the damaged part is attached. Remove the part and install the new one in the same way. This may require a soldering iron to reattach wires.


Step 7

Hook the speaker up and test it at low volume before your next party. If the speaker is still not working you need to verify that the replacement part was installed correctly. If you feel you replaced everything correctly it may be time to take the speaker to a professional.

Things You'll Need

  • Blown speaker

  • Various tools


If you tear the grill cloth while removing it from the front of the speaker, it can be purchased by the yard from many retailers in a variety of colors. Take the opportunity to color-coordinate your stereo! If there is no visible damage to any of the speaker components, enlist skilled assistance in determining the problem.


If you're not familiar with a soldering iron, this is not the time to learn. Seek professional assistance, or at least someone who's done it before. Make sure the speaker is disconnected from all electrical sources, including the stereo, before removing the covering.



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