How to Repair a Blown Bose Speaker

Blown speakers can be expensive to replace or have repaired professionally.

One blown speaker in your Bose stereo surround sound system can seriously hinder performance. Even a small tear in one speaker can create a fuzzy sound quality. Replacing a blown speaker in a Bose system can be very expensive. But you can temporarily fix the problem.

Removing the Speaker

Step 1

Remove the front covering of your speaker's enclosure. The design of the covering can vary according to model, but typically they are made of fragile fabric and can be removed either by hand or by taking out a few screws. Once the front covering is removed, you should be able to see the entire front face of the speaker.

Step 2

Stereo speakers can be very fragile and expensive.

Unscrew the screws that hold the speaker in the enclosure using your screwdriver. You should be able to lift the speaker 1 to 2 inches from the enclosure. Do not fully remove the speaker yet.

Step 3

Lift the speaker out of the enclosure as far as you can until the speaker wiring that runs from the back of the speaker to the enclosure is taut. Then reach behind the speaker, and gently unplug the two wires from the speaker. Once the speaker is unhooked, it should lift freely from the enclosure, leaving the wires still securely attached to the enclosure.

Finding and Repairing the Tear

Step 1

Examine the outer-most edge of the front of the speaker for any tears. Depending on how long the speaker has been damaged, the tear can range from the size of a pea to a three- or four-inch hole. If you find a tear in the outer rim of the speaker, cover the hole with a piece of duct tape, making sure the hole is sufficiently sealed. Although a well-sealed tear will prevent the speaker from rattling, it will also cause the speaker to sound more muted and less resonant.

Step 2

Look for tears in the back of the speaker, and find the conical-shaped reflexive paper cone that connects the wide face of the speaker to the speaker's large magnet. Typically, these cones are made of durable paper or Kevlar, and can tear when the speaker is turned up too loud. If you find a tear on the cone, you can repair it with duct tape as in Step 1. But the repair is a little trickier since the cone is constructed with ruffled paper.

Step 3

Plug the speaker wires back into the terminals and refasten the speaker to the enclosure. If you repaired the speaker sufficiently, it should function with fairly good clarity.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • Duct tape


Repairing a blown speaker is a temporary solution. It's best to eventually replace the speaker.

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