How to Add Gridlines to an Excel Chart

How to Add Gridlines to an Excel Chart. Increase the readability of your Microsoft Excel 2007 chart by adding gridlines. Gridlines can be added horizontally and vertically and be displayed to represent major units, minor units or both. Keep reading the steps below to find out how you can add gridlines to an existing Excel 2007 chart.

Step 1

Start Microsoft Excel 2007 and open a workbook from your files that contains a chart to which you would like to add gridlines.

Step 2

Click the chart you want to add gridlines to so it is selected. You can tell the chart is selected because it will have a light blue border surrounding it.

Step 3

Select the "Layout" tab at the top of the Excel 2007 screen to display the settings in the "Layout" ribbon. Find the "Axes" group in the "Layout" ribbon.

Step 4

Choose the "Gridlines" button in the "Axes" group of the "Layout" ribbon and point to "Primary Horizontal Gridlines" to display the horizontal gridline options.

Step 5

Use "Major Gridlines" to display gridlines only at major units, "Minor Gridlines" to display them at minor units or "Major & Minor Gridlines" to display the gridlines at both the major and minor unit markings.

Step 6

Opt for "Primary Vertical Gridlines" from the "Gridlines" button to choose to display either "Major Gridlines," "Minor Gridlines" or "Major & Minor Gridlines" at the vertical units in the chart.

Step 7

Watch as the gridlines are displayed on the selected chart as you have indicated.


Choose the "None" option for "Primary Horizontal Gridlines" and "Primary Vertical Gridlines" to turn all gridlines off in the Excel chart.