How Do I Remove Items From the Start Menu?

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The Windows Start menu, used in Windows 7 and earlier Windows versions, provides access to program items including recently accessed items, which appear automatically, and pinned items that only appear in the menu if the user pins them there. You can remove or clear some of these items easily. It's also easy to remove items from the Windows 8 Start screen, although you can't remove the items that appear when you right-click the Windows 8 Start button.


Removing Items From the Windows 7 Start Menu

Right-click an item on the Windows Start menu and choose "Remove from this list." To clear the Recent Items list altogether, right-click "Recent Items" and choose "Clear Recent Items List." You can also remove items from the right side of the menu, such as Control Panel and Computer, but it requires slightly more advanced tweaking.

Removing Items From the Windows 8 Start Screen

Right-click an item on the Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 Start screen and choose "Unpin from Start" to remove it from the Start screen. If you don't want to remove an item completely but would like to reduce the icon's size, right-click it, choose "Resize" and select a smaller size.