How Do I Search for Only a Particular Word in Excel?

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It's easy to search for words in Excel.

Excel, a Microsoft Office software program, is a popular tool for creating spreadsheets and workbooks to store and analyze information. Excel allows you to filter information and search for single words, phrases or groups of numbers within a document, or, by using a search-and-replace function, to substitute other words, phrases or numbers in a single instance or throughout the document.


Step 1

Start Excel and open a worksheet.

Step 2

Click inside any cell, blank or otherwise.

Step 3

Ensure you are on the "Home" tab in the toolbar. Move your cursor to the "Editing" section, then click on "Find & Select" (it has a small icon of binoculars).

Step 4

Click the tab that says "Find."


Step 5

Type in the word you'd like to search for and click "Find All" to locate all instances, or "Find Next" to search for the next instance on the worksheet.


For more (or fewer) search parameters, click "Options" on the tab that you open in Step 4. You can then choose to search for a term by row, column, within a formula or by case.

You can also search for a word in order to replace it with another word. Simply choose "Replace" in Step 4 instead of "Find," enter in the word you are searching for and the word you'd like to replace it with.