How Do I View iPhone Folders in Windows Explorer?

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A number of system folders are on the hard drive of your Apple iPhone that are not visible through the device itself. These files contain important settings information as well as files necessary for the device to operate, so it's not a good idea to change them in any way. If you want to simply view these folders and the files contained therein, however, you can do so using Windows Explorer.


Step 1

Plug your Apple iPhone into your computer case. Do so using the USB transfer cable that came in the packaging along with your iPhone.

Step 2

Right click on "My Computer."

Step 3

Click "Open."

Step 4

Find the icon that stands for your iPhone. It will have a picture of an iPhone and will be labeled with the name of your device.


Step 5

Click twice on this icon. This will open the main "root" folder of your iPhone in Windows Explorer, which will display all of the folders contained on the device.