How to Access the Activity Monitor on Your MacBook

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Activity Monitor can plot your computer's performance data in charts or graphs.

The Mac OS X Activity Monitor tracks the programs you have running, as well as your computer processes, including CPU load, RAM in use and network usage, and supplies statistics regarding your MacBook's performance. Like other utilities on your MacBook, the program resides in your "Utilities" folder nested in the "Applications" folder.


Step 1

Click on the "Go" menu option from the Finder menu. Scroll down to "Utilities" then click.

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Step 2

Locate the "Activity Monitor" in the folder, then double-click to open the utility.


Step 3

Alternatively, click on the "Spotlight" search tool, located in the upper right hand corner of the Desktop Finder menu. Type in "Activity Monitor" in the text box to open the utility.





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