How to Add a Banner Using HTML Programming

By Nichelle Coleman

HTML--Hypertext Markup Language--is a computer language that is used to create web pages. Web sites and web pages are written in HTML code. Whether you are setting up a personal web page or a business web page, learning HTML code can be very beneficial. Knowing how to use the codes can help you manipulate your page settings. HTML documents contain plain text and have an extension of '.html' or '.htm.' Banners can be used to accent your page and give your page appeal, and can be customized to fit your page. This guide will teach you how to add banners to the top of your page. It presents a very simple approach to customizing your page. You may choose the image that you wish to use as your banner. Most web pages display the same banner on each page.

Step 1

Start the word processor or text editor that you will use to create your web page.

Step 2

Choose the GIF image that you wish to use as your banner and save it in a location on your computer. The image should be approximately 450 pixels. If needed, you may reduce the size of the image so that it will take up less space on your computer.

Step 3

Type. Replace the question mark with the location of the image on your computer. If it is stored in the same folder as your web page, you can specify just the name of the image. Your text should look like the example below.

This is your title

This is your text.

Welcome to our page.

Step 4

Open a new web browser to verify that your web page displays the image as a banner across the top of your page. To open the web page in the browser, click the file button along the menu bar, click open. The open dialog box appears. Click Browse to locate your web page in the location that it is saved. Choose the web page that you wish to open. Your web page will appear in the browser.

Tips & Warnings

  • You should display the web page in several browsers to see how each browser will display your page.
  • When you type text into your text editor, your text may scroll off of the screen. When you open your web browser to view the document, the text will fit properly in the screen.