How to Add a Spanish Keyboard

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Add a Spanish keyboard

A Spanish keyboard can be added to your Microsoft or Mac operating system to create the unique symbols and letters used in the Spanish language without having to purchase a new keyboard. Otherwise, a computer user would have to remember the special codes or shortcuts to get the same symbols on the English keyboard. Computer keyboards can be configured to specific languages with a few changes to the operating system's configuration.


Step 1

Open the control panel on your Windows operating system. Open the system preferences on your Mac operating system.

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Step 2

Click on language or regional and language options or clock, language, region option depending on the version of your Windows operating system. Click on the international options on your Mac.


Step 3

Select United States-International keyboard layout menu or Add language on your Windows operating system and select Spanish. Select Spanish from the languages menu or input menu screen on your Mac.


Step 4

Click on the language icon on the toolbar on your Windows system and switch it from English to Spanish. Click on the flag icon on your Mac and switch it from the American flag to the Spanish flag.



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