How to Add Color to Text in Craigslist Ads

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Colored words can make them stand out.
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Craigslist provides online classified ads where you can find items you may want. Some ads look better than others. You can make your ads stand out by adding color to the text. Craigslist supports red, purple, teal, olive, blue, black, fuchsia, green, navy and maroon colors. Adding any of these colors to your text requires basic HTML coding.


Step 1

Type your Craigslist classified ad as you normally would.

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Step 2

Type "<font color=" (without quotes) and then the color you want to use -- in quotes -- with a greater than sign after it, before the words to which you want to add color. For example, let's say in the following sentence we want to make "immaculate" purple. The sentence would look like this:

Immaculate area rug -- 4' x 6' -- with Southwestern pattern.


Step 3

Add "" (without quotes) immediately after the words you want in color. So our example would look like this:

Immaculate area rug -- 4' x 6' -- with Southwestern pattern.

Note that there are no spaces except between "font" and "color."

Step 4

Preview your Craigslist post. If you're pleased with it, submit it. If not, keep playing with the code until you like what you see.


Change the color name to another color of your choice and use the code for other words as well. You can use all the colors in one ad if you want.


This HTML procedure will not work in the title; it can only be used in the text section.